What is Henna ?

Henna is a plant that grows in many countries, mostly in semi-arid and tropical areas of India, Pakistan, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Africa. Henna powder is derived from the henna plant. The leaves are dried, powdered and sifted to give super fine henna powder. At Artistic Henna, we supply the finest triple sifted Sojat Bridal Henna Powder.

What is Henna Paste ?

Henna powder, on its own, does not stain the skin. Henna powder is mixed with lemon juice/water and essential oils (like cajeput, lavender, eucalyptus) to make the henna paste. When the dye in the paste is released, the henna paste is ready to stain the skin. We have our lush Henna Paste available in Carrot Bags for you make your own henna cones.

How is Henna applied ?

Henna paste is filled into henna cones with very fine tips & then applied on the skin. Henna can also be applied using applicator bottles. The whole experience of having henna applied on the skin is a very relaxing one !

At Artistic Henna, we have 3 different types of henna cones that we prepare fresh for every order. Our Bridal Blend henna cones are very popular with our clients for their amazingly rich stains.

When should henna be applied for an event ?

Natural henna cannot produce instant, dark results. Natural henna reaches its darkest colour in approx. 36-48 hours. It first stains a bright orange, then gradually gets darker till it reaches a dark maroon / brown / cherry colour. Hence henna should always be applied 2-3 days before the event.

Does henna need any aftercare ?

Yes it does !  It’s a simple 3 step process !

Keep it warm – Ensure you are warm & cosy when the henna is being applied & over the next couple of days. You can also seal the henna with lemon-sugar sealant to help the henna paste to stick to the skin for longer.

Keep it dry – Avoid water contact for the first 24 hours at least, after crumbling the henna paste off.

Keep it moisturised – Let’s pamper the henna stain ! Moisturise &  preserve the stain for longer.

Check out our Aftercare products. We have a variety of Henna Sealants, Aftercare Balms & Aftercare Oils to help you with the henna aftercare.

What is “Black Henna”?

Henna is NOT Black !! There is no such thing as Black Henna ! Para-phenylenediamine PPD (chemical hair dye) is used to make black henna. This can cause sever scarring as well as damage to internal organs. Ensure to always check that the henna that is being applied on you is 100% natural.

How long will the henna stain last?

Henna stain can last between 2-3 weeks, depending on the aftercare followed and the part of the body it is applied on. Swimming or scrubbing away at the stain can cause the stain to fade away quicker.

How long does delivery take ?

In the UK, all our products are shipped via courier services. Although this is not a Guaranteed service, 99% of our parcels are delivered next day. Occasionally it can take a day or two longer.  If your parcel is delayed, it can be tracked via a tracking number on the courier website. Your tracking number is sent to you via email & SMS when your order is shipped by us. Please note that we are not responsible for any delays by the courier service.

All parcels will require a signature when delivered. If an undelivered parcel is returned to us, no refunds will be made as fresh henna paste is a perishable product. We can arrange to resend all other products for an extra delivery charge.

For International delivery, all our non-perishable products are shipped via Royal Mail using the Tracked & Signed service. Once shipped, we are not responsible for delayed or lost parcels.

What is the refund/returns policy ?

As fresh henna paste is a perishable product, we cannot offer any refunds on henna cones & paste bags. Please get in touch with us if your item is damaged when delivered.

Other non-perishable products can be returned to us within 14 days of purchase for a refund. Customer will need to pay for return postage.

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