Empty pre-rolled cones

Empty pre-rolled cones ready for you to start filling up with henna paste & start henna-ing !

The cones are available in packs of 10. They are made of cellophane & you can choose your cone tip sizes – 0.5mm, 0.45mm and 0.38mm

Click here to check out out pre-filled, ready to use henna cones !

Take the hassle out of rolling cones & use these professional pre-rolled cones !

Pins included with each cone. Select your pin size for the precision you prefer.

Fill up with your henna paste & you are ready to go !

Can be filled with approx 18gm of henna paste, to make a 6 inch (length) cone.

Shipping details :

We ship our Fresh henna cones ship only within the UK. Our shipping date is usually every Monday (unless it’s a Bank Holiday, in which case, we’ll ship on a Tuesday).

  1. Please can you ensure you place your orders by Sunday 8am, if you would like us to ship out your order on the Monday.
  2. This gives us sufficient time to freshly prepare your henna, so you can get the best results possible with our henna.
  3. Your Order will be shipped strictly on the Shipping dates shown at the top of the Shop page.

Please Select your Shipping Date at checkout. You can also add any special instructions at Order Checkout in the box provided.

For international orders, please email or fill in a contact form

Don’t be disappointed if you are based outside of the UK. We ship our rolled cones internationally ! Just drop us a line, and we’ll revert to you as soon as possible.