Fresh Henna Cones – with Lavender essential oil (for use on pregnant women)

Our Lavender henna cones produce amazingly rich & dark stains !

Click here to see examples of the stains that can be achieved.

We prepare our fresh Henna cones using ONLY 100% natural Organic Henna Powder and Essential oils.

Each cone weighs 18gms (approx). You can choose from the following tip sizes –

0.5mm tip size (standard)
0.45mm tip size (medium)
0.38mm tip size (fine)

Of the three tip sizes, 0.5mm is the thickest & 0.32mm is the thinnest. You can try them out and see which tip size suits you best. By varying the pressure on the cone, you can achieve different thickness of line and detail.

You can store fresh Henna cones in a fridge for 4 or 5 days, or ,  you can freeze them for up to 6 months from the date of preparation.

We will provide you with the storage and aftercare instructions with every order.

You can achieve beautifully dark stains by following proper aftercare instructions (which are also provided).

Order More cones of a different tip Size:

You can always add more cones of a different tip size

Aftercare Products:

Don’t forget, we have aftercare products to help achieve that perfect stain

Ingredients :

Henna Powder, lemon juice, sugar, and lavender essential oil.

** This product is SUITABLE for use on pregnant women.

Shipping details :

We ship our Fresh henna cones ship only within the UK.

Please Select your Shipping Date at checkout. You can also add any special instructions at Order Checkout in the box provided.