Indigo Powder for Hair

Indigo is a plant dye that lends a blue due to light coloured hair. It does not change the colour of dark coloured hair. Use our Indigo powder for hair, in conjunction with henna in order to achieve shades of hair colour varying from a dark brown to black.

The natural hair dye is chemical free & totally free of PPD.

Indigo is a natural blue dye. If you apply it to very light coloured hair or hair that hasn’t been henna-ed, then, yes, it could give a bluish tint to the hair.

To achieve an almost black shade of hair, the 2 step process works best. First, henna your hair. Wash it off and your greys would have turned orange/red. Then apply indigo, and the henna-ed hair will go black. This is a easy & natural way to tackle with grey hair & have black hair again.

If the 2 step process sounds toom long, then don’t worry ! You can also do with it a single step ! Mix both the indigo paste & henna paste & apply to the hair at one go. Although the hair won’t achieve black colour with this process, you will get beautiful dark brown / mahagony shades !

Have a play & try different proportions of Henna and indigo in your mix to get the desired hair colour or shade of hair. Click here for Henna powder for Hair.

Hair colour can last up to 4-6 weeks.

We will supply you with all the instructions on how to mix the indigo paste for hair is supplied along with the powder.

Store in a cool, dark place for 1-2 years.

100gms is sufficient to cover waist length hair.

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