Lemon Sealant Spray Set is a set of 4 sealants to help protect your henna design with a  sealant spray. Keep your  henna paste moister for longer whilst it’s on your skin.

**This product should not be used if allergic to lemon juice on the skin.

Click here to see examples of the stains that can be achieved with good aftercare.

Applying Lemon Sealant Spray

Ensure that the henna is just touch dry and hold the sealant bottle approx. 8 inches away from the henna, and lightly spray over the design.

This will seal the henna paste on to the skin and help it stick to the skin longer.

Storage of Lemon Sealant Spray

We have the sealant ready for you in a handy spray bottle. You can store the sealant in refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, or freeze up to 6 months. To use a frozen sealant, leave it out of the freezer to thaw out naturally.

Ingredients : Lemon juice, sugar and scent as chosen

Available Scents

This set includes scents like Jasmine, Lemon Grass, Rose Geranium as well as the Unscented.

Add to your Lemon Sealant Spray

In order to help the stain develop a deeper darker colour, you can add additional sprays, Jojoba oil and balms here

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